April 5, 2012
Wednesday’s Story(I know it’s thursday I forgot about it yesterday)

This story takes place in North Carolina, I can’t be more than 10 or 11 at the time. My Aunt Pam,Mom, Uncle Vincent and myself all went on this small “day cruise”. Meaning the boat just drove out in the water for a while and came back nothing special at all. The boat wasn’t that big but it was the largest one I had ever been on at the time so I was pretty excited. There was a bar/restaurant level downstairs that had a tv and it just so happened to be playing A Goofy Movie so you know where I was at(that movie is still good). After about 2 hours though the weather started to change and the clouds got dark and it started raining, which wasn’t bad at least I thought. Then the wind picks up the waves are getting bigger and I’m thinking “we should turn around”. But of course we didn’t and the boat is rocking heavily at this point. At 1st everyone is fine but after about 30 minutes everybody throws up I mean everybody. It was kind of like that scene from the Sandlot after they chew the chewing tobacco and get on that ride it was gross. I’m not a queasy person but my stomach is starting to hurt at this point so I step outside just in case I have to throw up and I look over and my retarded a** Uncle is trying to fish in all this I ask him “don’t you think you should come inside he just looks at me and says “boy”. So after about an hour of people throwing up the captain turns the boat around because the weather seemed to be getting worse and as soon as we got to the dock it stopped raining and the sun came out. Nobody talked on the way home except my Aunt who said “that was the ride from hell” her my uncle and my mom haven’t been on a boat since. So the moral of this story well I don’t really have one I guess -__- peace.